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Learning Center

 SIGMA Gestión Universitaria and Fundació BCN FP began in June 2009 a cooperation project with the aim of helping the students of Ciclos Formativos de Grado Superior with their incorporation to the workplace while at the same time they can complete their formation in the field of new technologies and software development. This project is part of our Software Factory area and more specifically, our Learning Center. SIGMA started the Software Factory in 2009 with the goal of training teams of programmers that could work exclusively in the production of components and software apps following an assembly process from the requirements and specifications defined outwardly.



Later on, the concept evolved to the Learning Center which purpose is to headhunt students and improve and develop their skills through our training program before their introduction to the workplace.


From the beginning (2009), 21 professional training centers have already participated on our project: Institut Ausiàs March, Institut de Badia del Vallès, Bemen 3 Formació Professional, Institut Bernat El Ferrer, Centre d'Estudis Politècnics, Centre d'Estudis Sant Francesc, Escola del Treball, Escola Tècnica Professional del Clot,  FP Llefia , Instituto de Educación Secundaria La Ferreria, Institut d'Educació Secundària Juan José Calvo Miguel, Institut L'Estatut, Centre d'Estudis Jaume Balmes, Institut Obert de Catalunya, Institut Poblenou, Institut Joan Brossa, Institut Joan d'Àustria, Centre d'Estudis Joan XXIII, Institut La Guineueta, Institut Mare de Déu de La Mercè, La Salle, Centro de Estudios Monlau, Centre d'Estudis Roca, Salesians de Sarrià, Centre d'Estudis STUCOM and Teknòs-Vic.


The success of the project has been reflected with the highest level of satisfaction shown by Fundació BCN FP, the centers and above all the students. Proof of it is that until today, 67 students with scholarships got a contract in SIGMA. Furthermore, the American research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. made a Case Study about our Learning Center (published in June 14th 2011, ID: G00213299), highlighting the good results of our project.

SIGMA | helping universities succeed

What do we do in the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is a training program where the students of the different centers that are part of the project come to make their internships. These are made in a professional environment where teamwork and responsibility come first.


The students that come to our Learning Center have the opportunity to learn about the company policy, the methodology and most important, they learn to take decisions and be creative while they follow the guidelines of what means to work in a project as a team.


In the Learning Center the trainee has the opportunity to learn about HTML, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, XML, XSL, Java, SQL, Pentaho, Android and the company frameworks. On the other hand, they also learn to use specific tools for software development such as NetBeans, Glassfish or Maven in an Open Source environment, using Linux Kubuntu.

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