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COVID-19 Information


Latest updates regarding the measures taken for the epidemiological situation

COVID-19 Information


6 de juliol de 2020: Our activity continues in a hybrid way


At SIGMA we continue working for the excellence of our institutions and we are carrying out our work in a hybrid way, through the telework modality and on-site shifts that guarantee the health of our employees.


May 8, 2020: We continue providing the best service


At SIGMA we continue developing our activity and providing our services to institutions as normal. We remain committed to our core mission of driving excellence at our universities.


April 8, 2020: Teleworking extension


Due to the extension of the state of alarm announced by the Government, from SIGMA the teleworking modality has been extended again until the situation requires it.




March 31, 2020: Launch of SIGMA Academy


The SIGMA Academy initiative has been launched, an internal training academy where we will share knowledge pills for the personal and professional development of the organization's employees. The content of these training pills will be generated internally, by SIGMA's own staff, and externally, by third parties.



March 26, 2020: Teleworking extension


Due to the extension of the state of alarm approved on April 25 by the Government in the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies, the teleworking modality of the SIGMA team has been extended until Friday, April 10 (included).




March 18, 2020: Suspension of Learning Center activity


Given this unprecedented situation, the Learning Center activity and collaboration scholarships are canceled with effect on March 31. This decision has been taken because the students cannot go to our facilities cause the staff is in telework mode, and doing the training activities remotely makes it impossible to offer the necessary support.



March 17, 2020: Cancellation of upcoming trips and events


At SIGMA, our presencial activity has been reduced, avoiding displacements that are not essential to guarantee people's health and safety. For this reason, it has been decided to postpone all the trips and events established during the month of March. As soon as normality is restored, we will do the pertinent announcements again.



March 16, 2020: Stakeholders communication


SIGMA stakeholders (partners, educational entities, customers, suppliers and community members) have been informed of the implementation of the business continuity plan, which includes measures such as teleworking, travel limitation and reducing meetings. As a responsible organization, our priority is to ensure the health of our workers, to be able to operate properly and to provide an adequate service to our partners and client education entities. From the organization we continue in perfect disposition to provide service and continue with the business operations.

At SIGMA we will continue to monitor the latest news by the health authorities in order to be able to attend and implement them as quickly as possible.



March 13, 2020: Teleworking implementation


Following the instructions of the health authorities, SIGMA's management has decided that all employees must work via telework for the next 15 days, maintaining our activity as normally as possible.

We hoped that with responsible and coordinated action, individual and collective, it will be possible to face the effects of COVID-19 successfully.



March 12, 2020: Teleworking testing


After the latest news regarding the health situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak, and with the aim of prioritizing the health and safety of our workers, it has been extraordinarily proposed that half of our team do home office during march 13 in order to carry out a test to be prepared for the possible application of this modality to the entire organization.


Due to we already have incorporated teleworking in the company, we just had to continue with the formative plan for all the members of the organization.

We also share with the teams, some documentation regarding connectivity, security, tools and occupational risk prevention.



March 11, 2020: Contingency Plan


In the face of the coronavirus health alert, extraordinary follow-up sessions have been held from SIGMA's management to analyze the situation, centralize information and coordinate the implementation of the necessary measures defined by the Health Authorities.

In addition, the business continuity contingency plan has been reviewed and completed taking into account the different scenarios that can be contemplated.



March 6, 2020: WHO's recommendations


SIGMA has sent a statement to the organization's staff, to report some basic protection measures recommended by the World Health Organization.


• Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or alcoholic solutions.
• Cover your mouth and nose with single-use tissues or the inside of your elbow when you sneeze or cough, and wash your hands afterward.
• Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections and coughing, sneezing or expectoration, as well as not sharing personal belongings.
• Do not share food or utensils (cutlery, glasses, napkins, handkerchiefs, etc.) and other objects without cleaning them properly.



March 5, 2020: Adoption of hygiene measures


Because of the increase in cases of coronavirus in Spain, SIGMA have been taken some measures and communicated to the organization staff, with the aim of improving the hygiene of the environment and facilitating personal hygiene. To do this, antibacterial gel dispensers have been installed in the offices access points and cleaning services have been increased in doors and knobs.

About business trips, at the moment they do not include travel to risky areas, so our travel policy is maintained taking into account that videoconferencing equipment is available for holding meetings that do not require face-to-face assistance.

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