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Fundació BCN Formació Professional promote the 9th FPEmprèn Edition


SIGMA collaborates with Fundació BCN

Fundació BCN Formació Professional promote the 9th FPEmprèn Edition

June 22nd took place de 9th FPEmprèn Edition ruled by Fundació BCN Formació Professional. The act is created for FP Students from Barcelona and Metropolitan Area centres and institutions. The main achievement is to give public recognition to FP students giving them an academic award.


The assistants were from the academic sector, like FP students, professors, directors and some other administrative stuff from educational enterprises or the foundation. Ramon Grau as a CEO of SIGMA had the privilege to give the Industry Award to a FP students group. The award was a smart watch to each member of the group.


From this point of view the edition has two type of awards. From one side, the General Awards and for the other side the concrete awards which are given according the academic braches – environmental, tourism, etc –.


The reasons why the awards are otorgated are basically the followings:

- Promoting the creation and the design of innovative projects

- Pointing out the projects quality and excellence

- Making advantage the transition process to students

- Maximizing initiative in Barcelona and Metropolitan Area

- Increasing creativity, innovation in the FP framework


SIGMA AIE already keeps the relation with Fundació BCN Formació Professional, which started on 2009, because of SIGMA Learning Center which is also a FP academic center.

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