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SIGMA leading the way in CERIF implementation

02/06/2017  |  Anna Guillaumet

SIGMA presented one of their leading projects in research during the Membership Meeting of EuroCRIS in Dublin

SIGMA leading the way in CERIF implementation

SIGMA attended the Spring 2017 EuroCRIS Membership Meeting in Dublin taking place from the 29th and until de 31st of May. During the meeting SIGMA presented one of their leading projects in scientific management; the implementation of a CRIS for Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). This is one of the first projects implementing CERIF in an international level and caused great admiration over the EuroCRIS meeting attendees.


At the Membership Meeting participants presented various examples of CRIS in different European countries. Participants also took the chance to establish the general tends of its implementation as well as future needs. All the attendees highlighted the importance of CRIS for the future of research and they recognised there is still a lot to be done.


In terms of the future needs, participants emphasised the fact that researchers should improve their data management skills in order to make the information more useful and sharable. Another area to improve is the visibility of CRIS amongst institutions to prevent parallel and unilateral projects to resolve what CRIS already resolves. Finally, constant communication to guarantee the information is updated in the institutional repositories and accountability of the information were also highlighted as important milestones to move forward.    

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