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Sigma takes part in the euroCRIS strategic membership meeting


From November 18 to 20 the University of Münster, Germany was the host of an exploration of the technical challenges in the management of research information.

Sigma takes part in the euroCRIS strategic membership meeting

The explanatory sessions took place in an academic context, enriched by alliances between institutions from different parts of the continent. All of this with a great attendance success from over 100 people, and with increasing involvement from SIGMA.


These are some of the topics discussed in the panels:

  • Research in Germany and changes in the science evaluation system. The topic is a trend with an open front by the scientific community, whose position goes against the evaluation through the Impact Factor, citations or rankings and instead proposes to advocate for a more global and multidimensional system.
  • Initiatives based on the CERIF interoperability standard, as well as VIVO.
  • Proposals for the creation of identifiers for calls, conferences and other events in the sector.
  • Classification topics of scientific data.
  • Initiatives on openAIRE and the new emerging roles associated with open science: CRIS managers
  • The Hercules project, where it was explained that one of the relevant objectives is the creation of a semantic Portal that can incorporate and agglutinate all the scientific production that will be carried out in the SUE (Spanish university system.)

SIGMA, with the Pompeu Fabra University, presented the CRIS integration project with the institutional repository, a project carried out between 4 universities in the group: UPF, UPNA, UVa, and UVic-UCC. This project, based on the fact that in Spain there are still 40% of universities that do not have the CRIS linked to the open science repository, and therefore have to enter the information twice. This project allows information to be entered only once in the CRIS and then uploaded and published automatically in the repository, taking into account editorial policies.


In general, they were very significant sessions where interesting proposals could be seen focused on matching the current demands of information management.


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