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University CEU Fernando III El Santo fe

The CEU Fernando III University, belonging to the Fernando III El Santo University Foundation, stands out as the fourth CEU educational institution in Spain. Its main headquarters are located at the CEU Andalucía University Campus, located in Bormujos, Seville. The primary mission of the Fernando III El Santo University Foundation is to promote social improvement, whose educational approach is based on a comprehensive conception of the person.

Founded in: 2023


Escola de Noves Tecnologies Interactives (School of New Interactive Technologies), is a school attached to Universitat de Barcelona. It was born as the first school in Barcelona with official university degrees and higher education cycles dedicated to the training of all professionals in the creation, programming, artistic design, production, music, video games and applied games (called serious games). 

Founded in: 2013
Address: Carrer de Baldiri Reixac, 7, 08028 Barcelona

Blanquerna - Universitat Ramon Llull

A singular and professional university community, not-for-profit and cofounder of Universitat Ramon Llull, where students, professors, services and companies get together under the "Being and Knowing", a humanistic tradition inspired by Ramon Llull with the purpose of training the great professionals that our society needs. 

Founded in: 1948
Address: Passeig de Sant Gervasi, 47, 08022 Barcelona (España)

Universidad Católica de Murcia

Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM) is a private, Catholic university, located in Guadalupe, district of the municipality of Murcia (Spain). It is owned by the Fundación Universitaria San Antonio, which, like the university, is named after its patron saint: San Antonio de Padua.

Founded in: 1996

Universitat Abat Oliba CEU

Universitat Abat Oliba CEU originates from the Centro Universitario Abat Oliba CEU, which created Fundación San Pablo CEU in 1973 through an affiliation and collaboration agreement with Universidad de Barcelona. He started classes at his first headquarters, on Pearson Avenue in Barcelona, in 1974 and, since then, he has trained more than 8,500 university graduates.

Founded in: 1973

Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera

Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera has campuses in Castellón, Elche and Alfara del Patriarca (Valencia). It is an innovative University that articulates its 20 university degrees and more than 60 postgraduate degrees through the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Business Law and Political Science, the Higher School of Technical Education and the Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences.

Founded in: 1999

Universidad CEU San Pablo

Universidad CEU San Pablo is a private Spanish Catholic university, based in Madrid and with a campus in Madrid and Alcorcón, whose values are governed by the ideology of the Catholic Church and the so-called Christian humanism.

Founded in: 1993


Is a non-profit organisation that belongs to the Catholic Church. Is included in the Jesuit Higher Education joining more than 200 education centers in the world. The Deusto campus is divided between two basque cities, Donostia and SAn Sebastián and a headquarter in Madrid.

Founded in: 1886
Address: Unibertsitate Etorb., 24, 48007 Bilbo, Bizkaia (España)


Created in 1961, ELISAVA is the first Design School that was launched in Spain. Pioner in its condition has marked methodological guidelines that other schools have used as a reference point. ELISAVA wants to be a international reference university center and contribute to the transformation of human environment and the generation of new realities.

Founded in: 1961
Address: La Rambla, 30-32, 08002 Barcelona (España)


Founded in 1967, EINA, centre universitari de Disseny i Art, possess a wide experience of dedication to an open, innovative, and international education. Attached to Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, enjoys the advantages of being part of one of the biggest public universities of Catalunya. 


Founded in: 1967
Address: Passeig de Santa Eulàlia, 25, 08017 Barcelona (España)

Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional

Created in 1993 for La Generalitat de Catalunya and La Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), ESCI-UPF, the school of international commerce was born with a clear objective: professional experts education in international business. 

Founded in: 1993
Address: Passeig de Pujades, 1, 08003 Barcelona (España)

Escola Superior d´Infermeria del Mar

Related to the Parc de Salut Mar Barcelona consortium and attached to Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the ESIHMar has over 30 years of experience where traditional nursing values have been the lighthouse for the education of students. 

Founded in: 2010
Address: Carrer del Dr. Aiguader, 80, 08003 Barcelona (España)

Escola Universitària d´Infermeria Sant Pau

Created in 1954/55, EUISP (Escola Universitària d'Infermeria Sant Pau) is a quality and excellence referent in nurse studies, that offered an innovate and attractive education with professional and scientific orientation. 

Founded in: 1954
Address: C/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025, Barcelona (España)

Escola Universitària d’Infermeria i Teràpia Ocupacional de Terrassa

The Escola Universitària d’Infermeria i Teràpia Ocupacional de Terrassa (EUIT) is a university center attached to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) that is part of the Fundació Docència Sant Llàtzer (FDSLL).

His teaching experience is backed by 100 years of experience in teaching nursing studies, being currently the oldest University School of Nursing in Catalonia, and also by 25 years of experience in nursing, teaching Occupational Therapy studies, being also the oldest school teaching these university studies in Catalonia.


Escola Universitària Salesiana de Sarrià

EUSS (Escola Universitària Salessiana de Sarrià) is a high education institution that promotes education and integral development of the future engineers with the will of offering to the country industry the professionals that need and demand.  

Founded in: 1884
Address: Passeig de Sant Joan Bosco, 74, 08017 Barcelona (España)

Escuelas Universitarias Gimbernat y Tomàs Cerdà

Escuelas Universitarias Gimbernat y Tomàs Cerdà

Escuelas Universitarias Gimbernat y Tomàs Cerdà have grown for more than three decades with their students and teachers, offering a range of university studies, both at the undergraduate and master level, approved by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Founded in: 1974

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) has been training young students since 1997 through academic rigor, closeness with teaching team, support services, comprehensive approach and constant innovation in order to boost the skills of the students as much as possible. Every year, UIC welcomes about 8,000 students divided into its 16 degrees, 8 double degrees and its wide range of international degrees, masters and postgraduate degrees. Moreover, UIC underscore the practice and it has a close relationship with professional environment which allows to have active professionals among its teaching staff and a very comprehensive internship program.

Founded in: 1997

Fundació Pere Tarrés

Fundació Pere Tarrés is a not-for-profit organization with social and educative action, that is dedicated to the free time education promotion in free time, the volunteering, the improvement of social intervention and the strengthening of associations. 

Founded in: 1985
Address: Carrer de Numància, 149-151, 08029 Barcelona (España)

Fundació Universitària del Bages

Founded in 1986, FUB (Fundació Universitària del Bages) started the academic activity in 1990 with the creation of the Escola Universitària d'Infermeria. The main objective of this private institution with public service vocation is guaranteeing a high studies offer in the central territories of Catalonia.  

Founded in: 1986
Address: Av. Universitària, 4-6, 08242 Manresa, Barcelona (España)

Institut Barcelona Estudis Internacionals

IBEI is an inter-university institute created in 2004 as a joint effort of all five public universities in the Barcelona metropolitan area and CIDOB (International Documentation Centre of Barcelona) to promote postgraduate training and research in politics and international relations in order to advance the understanding of global challenges to governance in our world. Now into its second decade, IBEI has become consolidated and achieved a high level of recognition as an academic and research centre at both European and international level.

Founded in: 2004
Address: Carrer de Ramon Trias Fargas, 25, 08005 Barcelona

Institut Químic de Sarrià

IQS (Institut Químic de Sarrià) is one of the most prestigious university centers in the academic and scientific national and international context. With 108 years of experience, IQS is a reference institution committed with the main aim to give an answer to the new challenges in the social, economic and industrial context. 

Founded in: 1905
Address: Via Augusta, 390, 08017 Barcelona (España)

La Salle

Founded in 1948 as a teacher training center, University Center La Salle, it's dedicated to the university education for more than 60 years. It belongs to an international network with more than 350 years of experience, presence in 82 countries, 73 Universities and Business Schools and a million of students. 

Founded in: 1948
Address: Calle la Salle, 10, 28036 Madrid (España)


Tecnocampus is a not-for-profit organization promoted for Mataró city hall and Maresme Country Council for manage and develop the university studies and business and venture park TecnoCampus. It's a foundation with private law and public service vocation in education and business development.

Founded in: 1994
Address: Avenida Ernest Lluch, 32, Mataró, 08302, Barcelona (España)

Av. Alcalde Barnils, 64-68
Parc Empresarial Sant Joan
08174 - Sant Cugat del Vallès
Barcelona - España
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