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National Security Framework

The National Security Framework is a regulation that aims to establish the principles that regulate and ensure access, integrity, availability and veracity of the information used in electronic media related to Public Administrations (state, regional and local).

Collected in the Real Decreto 3/2010, the National Security Framework is created with the need to establish common aspects and methodologies related to security in the implementation and use of electronic media by Public Administrations, in order to create the necessary conditions of trust. so that citizens use these means in the fulfillment and exercise of their duties and rights.

ISO 20000 Certification - Service Management System for SIGMA Academic and SIGMA Research


ISO 20000 certification is an international IT standard that proves the best practices in IT management, allowing an organization to focus on the clients' needs. The main reason of this Service Management System (SMS) standard is to provide a top quality service, ensuring the efficiency and quality of service. It contributes to the fulfillment of the IT services with the business standards and it also implies and external recognition by an independent third party.


The management of SIGMA, considers excellence in the management of ICT services a fundamental aspect to guarantee the achievement of the strategic objectives. For this reason, it undertakes to ensure the adequate management of the services provided by the organization to its institutions, in order to offer them the best guarantees of quality of service, providing the necessary human, technical, information and financial resources. The SIGMA Service Management policy aims to:

  • Improve the quality of Services
  • Promote continuous improvement and innovation in services and the management model.
  • Ensure that all applicable legal requirements are met.
  • Ensure that the services offered are aligned with the needs of the institutions.
  • Comply with the agreed service levels.
  • Comply with the objectives of the indicators of each process.
  • Achieve a high score in the satisfaction of the institutions.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, controlling costs.

Etiqueta +Responsable

The objective of the Etiqueta Responsable, granted by the +Resposables Association, values and gives visibility to companies and organizations that are committed to management with values in the economic, social and environmental fields, being in turn a tool for the promotion of responsible consumption.

Since November 2022, SIGMA has held the label, thus strengthening the Association's responsible commitment to corporate social responsibility.

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