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SIGMA Research

SIGMA Research is a research information management software that enables unification of data from external and internal sources into one platform.


The platform, validated by universities, captures all the information, allows its validation and standardization, for the correct generation of CVs automatically, avoiding having to write the information repeatedly.
It generate complete profiles for the researchers of the institution with their personal data, affiliation and main metrics, as well as their scientific activities, with their corresponding impact, allowing to visualize all the information publicly.
It also allows the finance management and monitoring of research grants and contracts with companies.


The software has high configuration capabilities, with control of data and procedure flows, user profiles and interoperability with other systems. It supports from the generation of the idea to research, its funding, to the visualization and impact of all kinds of research results, always ensuring the quality of the information.

What does SIGMA Research manage?



Why use SIGMA Research?


100% Cloud

It allows access and use of the platform without the need of own infrastructure or the use of licenses.

It unifies all the research activity of the institution in a single platform, reliable, modern and aligned with world trends (CRIS systems).

Use of standards

Use of the main international standards to ensure the quality of the information contained in the platform, allowing the information to be collected wherever it is available, avoiding rewriting the information.


It provides connectivity with internal and external systems of the institution, where necessary, highlighting, among others, the link with the Open Access institutional repository.


Facilitates Financing

It makes it easier for research managers to monitor the entire financing circuit, both for grants and contracts.

Facilitates Evaluation

Facilitates managers of research, evaluation and reporting at all levels.

Facilitates the validation of information

It allows managers of scientific production to validate all kinds of activities to ensure 100% quality of information.

Provides high visibility and impact

It provides high visibility of the institution's experts and their research results, allowing their impact to be shown internationally, facilitating the search for collaborations.


Who uses SIGMA Research?

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