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Case studies

SIGMA’s mission and its social responsibility project have been recognized by various national and international analysts:

Adoption of ERP solutions in Spanish and Portuguese educative sector 2013

Adoption of ERP solutions in Spanish and Portuguese educative sector 2013

by Óscar Alonso and Enric Cánovas


Historically, educative institutions, both public and private, has been complex organizations, with a divided structure, resulting in a mix of faculties, organs and departments that in most cases are accompanied with a difficult ecosystem of applications and integration problems for generating a 360º data view (students, alumni, professors, etc). In Iberia, there is no homogeneous strategy for the adoption of solutions that could ease the academic management procedures of educative institutions. The customized development is extremely prevalent, and the educative institutions find a few difficulties for integration, maintenance, and the evolution of their solutions. Only the 37% of the interviewed entities use exclusive standard packages to give support to their procedures of academic management.

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Business Intelligence project in UZA

Business Intelligence project in UZA

University of Zaragoza


Existe una creciente necesidad de proporcionar información tanto a organismos externos como a los diferentes agentes dentro de la propia institución. Esta información cada vez se solicita con unos mayores niveles de exigencia y rigor. Derivado de esta necesidad y motivados también por la fuerte apuesta de la universidad por la transparencia, que implica garantizar la excelencia en la calidad de los datos expuestos, el SICUZ (Servicio de Informática y Comunicaciones de la UZ) se planteó el desarrollo de una plataforma de analítica de datos.


El proyecto se concibió con estas premisas:

• Dar cobertura a todos los ámbitos de gestión de la universidad

• Permitir el acceso «universal» a la información (todo el personal PAS y PDI)

• BI Competency Center, equipo multidisciplinar responsable de la plataforma de analítica de datos

Gartner´s study case

Gartner´s study case

by Jan-Martin Lowendahl


Beneficio comercial a partir de la Responsabilidad Social: el SIGMA Learning Center 

Sigma's challenge was to cost-effectively produce software while meeting the cultural value expectations of the education community. Software companies selling to the education community can find out how they can make a virtue out of a necessity and become more productive while doing it.


The educational ecosystem is becoming more competitive. In particular, software companies supporting it feel the pressure from "greenfield" solutions built on the most recent technology, as well as from the cost advantages of offshore development. However, while this sets an expectation for a functionality/cost ratio that is hard to meet, the education market is still very conservative, and suspicious of vendors that do not show true commitment to education as a mission. In this Case Study, Sigma Gestión Universitaria demonstrates how its strategic objective of "greater participation in the education community" to build its brand also resulted in internal efficiencies in producing software and what, in effect, became a solid recruiting process.



Pere Regull, IQS CEO.


Pere Regull, IQS Chieff Executive Officer, speaks in this interview about the advantage of the Software as a Service system (SaaS) that SIGMA implemented in the Academic management platform of Institut Químic de Sarrià (IQS).


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