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SIGMA participa en el proyecto europeo Erasmus Without Paper

29/09/2017  |  Carlos Simil

La finalidad del proyecto es la simplificación y digitalización de los procesos administrativos de los estudiantes Erasmus

Erasmus Without Papers

Tras la última reunión realizada, desde el equipo de comunicación del proyecto europeo  Erasmus Without Paper, se ha publicado una nota de prensa para dar a conocer el proyecto en el que muchas empresas relacionadas con el mundo de la educación superior a nivel europeo llevan trabajando desde hace tiempo.


Desde SIGMA, como participante del proyecto y con el objetivo de lograr la mayor difusión posible, nos hacemos eco del comunicado que podéis ver a continuación:



 Erasmus is going digital - welcome to the Erasmus without Paper era!


The final conference of the first Erasmus without Paper project (EWP), a digitalization initiative co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme took place on the 26th September. The project aims at creating an electronic network allowing universities to exchange data about and for the mobility within Erasmus+ to minimize the need for paper documents. This will make administrative processes much faster and efficient, both for students and universities.


The project links the servers of all the participating universities into a single network to exchange data whenever needed. By the end of the year the project will reach over 1000 Higher Education Institutions. Erasmus without Paper gathers not only universities, but also commercial software providers, national data repositories and other consortia as well as student organizations.


In the meantime a follow-up project Erasmus Without Paper 2.0 has been approved. Until 2020 most universities in Europe will gradually be able to exchange data and integrate EWP in their internal procedures. It is hoped that by the start of the successor of the Erasmus+ project EWP will have become mainstream.


A competence center will be set up to help users go through the transition period. Simultaneously, the digitalization will proceed as the EIDAS regulation (Electronic Identification, Authentication and Signatures) and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will become operational all over Europe.


Finally, EWP 2.0 will launch an Open Source University Alliance that will bring together existing and newly-developed software and make it compatible and freely available. Existing initiatives such as OLA (Online Learning Agreement), Egracons (European Grade Conversion System) and the ESC (European Student Card) will form part of this initiative.

  • SIGMA participa en el proyecto europeo Erasmus Without Paper
  • SIGMA participa en el proyecto europeo Erasmus Without Paper
  • SIGMA participa en el proyecto europeo Erasmus Without Paper

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