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Maintenance service

To choose a specific software solution it is a very important decision that will have an impact on the short and long term results. That is why every solution must come with a good catalogue of services that allow to make the most of the investment.


Our team is formed by consultants with a wide range of experience on the university management scope, both on implementations and the maintenance service for the solutions SIGMA Academic and SIGMA Research.


Business Consulting

The business consulting service provides institutional support throughout the relation with SIGMA. From the first meeting we offer them a tailored solution based on the challenges the organization must face. We also include the maintenance service management and functional support of the solution.


For this purpose, SIGMA assigns a Business Consultant for each institution. This person will be the main intermediary, ensuring the quality of the service provided with a personal attention based on the institution’s needs. We aim to be the perfect for the organization. The business consulting service also includes a monthly monitoring plan following up the service status, identifying challenges, gathering new needs and adapting to the changes.


The consultant´s knowledge about the institution’s processes altogether with the wide experience in academic management, makes it possible for the organizations to get the best practices with an agile management of the services.


  • Change and adaption processes management on the institutions
  • Training of personnel on the use of the solution
  • Tailored solutions depending on the client’s needs
  • Analysis of policy changes
  • Projects follow-up
  • Management of maintenance and support service and quality indicators follow up


The mission of our consultants is to proactively gather the organization needs, being the main intermediary and managing all the support provided to the institution.


The launch of the SIGMA solutions comes with a tailored service for every university or higher education center. Our team of consultants, with wide experience both in functional support and IT, will coordinate the implementation process to ensure the right set up and integration of the solution with the institution´s IT system.


It is also key for a successful implementation to have the proper training on the product installed. This way, we can ensure the user has the adecuate knowleadge to take the most of our solution.This implementation will help you wilt the optimization of your management systems at the lowest cost and shortest time possible.



· Analysis of processes and needs for every institution.

· Implementation project design based on these needs

· Definition of the requirements for the development of the project

· Installation and configuration of software

· Technical and functional training of the solution installed

Attention Support

To ensure the proper functioning of the SIGMA solutions and help the users to take the most of the processes functionalities, at SIGMA we offer a personalized service of functional support.


The functional support team is formed by experts on the SIGMA solutions that clearly focus on the service, swiftly solving user’s enquiries regarding the use of the solution and making sure that the processes set-up are correct, fitting their requirements


In case that a software modification is required, this team will be responsible of transferring the information needed to the maintenance team to execute the appropriate change.


Personalized attention

· User support on the use of SIGMA's products

· SIGMA solutions set up according to the processes for each institution.

· Solving any doubt or enquiry about the product.

· Reviewing the launch of new functionalities.

· Analysis of technical problems and transfer to the maintenance service team.

Maintenance Service

 SIGMA offers an outstanding maintenance Service base don he close relation with the institution, ensuring the quality Service and its continuous improvement with the aim of helping universities and higher education center to reach their goals. A team of technical experts on the development of the solution.


The maintenance Service includes corrective and development maintenance as well as changes of policies caused by modifications of legal regulations. From early 2016, SIGMA holds the ISO 20000 Certification for the service provided by SIGMA Academic. The certification ISO 20000 is a Service Management System (SGS) that ensures the quality of service and efficiency throughout innovation and management models focused on the client’s needs



At SIGMA we offer training services for the institutions on the use of our solutions. We strive to provide the necessary knowledge to get the most of the solution implemented.


Thus, we offer specific functional training on the use of our solutions. We train to every user and ensure that the use and functioning of the solution is the adequate.


Besides offering a tailored Service and personalized support, at SIGMA we also think that it is important for every person that uses our software must have the proper knowledge to take the most of the products we offer.


That is why we also offer training services at technical and functional levels. This way, we ensure that the user is going to be able to carry every activity more efficiently, avoiding errors and improving the software performance while guaranteeing the project success.


Advantages of the training Service:

  • Full knowledge of the software installed, getting to know all the possibilities of the service.
  • Fastest and efficient adaption of the services improvements.
  • Increase of the response capacity to the changes on the higher education scope.
  • Improvement of ROI (Return Of Investment)



New projects

SIGMA offers services for the management of institution specific needs. From the requirements definition, its approval and its alignment with the solution proposed to the institution we ensure that these specific needs are successfully implemented.


SIGMA guarantees the correct management of new projects, with the following processes:

  • Defining the project measuring its scope.
  • Planning the actions that will be carried out throughout the project and its schedule.
  • Establishing and executing a follow up plan to ensure that the planning is fulfilled , managing risks and informing of the progress to the institution
  • Finishing the Project when every person involved understands the tasks that have been carried out successfully.


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