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Economic information

2 - Abstract economic evolution 2014-2018

There has been an increase in revenues in the 2014-2018 period caused by the incorporation of new institutions. The tendency to invest in products and services is maintained, as well as the optimization of operational management.

SIGMA | helping universities succeed

This period shows the evolution process and transformation that has allowed SIGMA to incorporate new institutions, improving and optimizing their services.

SIGMA | helping universities succeed
SIGMA | helping universities succeed

Evolution and budgetary control

There has been a growth in the income of the activity according to the budget, caused by the increase in the contracting of services in SaaS and the incorporation of new clients and partners.

The overall activity result is higher than expected thanks to the management and follow up of direct and indirect costs related with the services provided. As well as the measures taken to restrain overhead costs.




SIGMA | helping universities succeed

Big improvement of the effficiency in the business management and services related.

SIGMA | helping universities succeed
SIGMA | helping universities succeed

Rating satisfaction for the services provided

The following chart shows the rating performance of the services provided in our committees and comissions. The Association promotes it's ordinary activity in a collaborative working environment with the partner institutions, which the aim to guarantee the permanent evolution and efficient adaptation of the SIGMA solutions.

SIGMA | helping universities succeed

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